Cn285 automatise la gestion des contrats à tarif à l'usage
 et des contrats à facturation complexe pour les startups et entreprises de services

Libérez votre facturation, donnez de supers pouvoirs à votre ERP

Digital Product Enabler

Rendre possible les business à forts volumes et faibles montants 

Monétiser vos services


  Automatiser et fiabiliser de gros volumes de données et de factures

Automatiser et fiabiliser

Libérer votre marketing

Facturer à l'usage
Différencier les offres  

 Libérer votre marketing

Une facturation indépendante des ERP

Découpler la facturation des solutions de gestion et de paiement

Accompagner la croissance

Ils nous font confiance

Cn285 for Startups

Création, lancement commercial, Scaling :  Découvrez comment Cn285 accompagne la croissance des startups

Cn285 for Enterprises

Découvrez comment Cn285 permet aux entreprises d'asservir la complexité d'offres et de contrats à tarification variable ou fixe


    Pour les Services basés sur des  Connected objects

La facturation avec Cn285 vue des fonctions

The advantages of the subscription management software Cn285

Developer Friendly 

Conçue pour que les développeurs puissent facilement mettre la solution en oeuvre avec une API complète, documentée.

A turn-key solution !

Serenity in the cloud ...  

Cn285 customers have several working environments (Production, Staging, Spark) for a smooth and efficient workflow.


... with the multi-clouds

Cn285 is a multi-cloud solution which allows its customers to keep full control over all their billing data.     



Le passage de la tarification forfaitaire à variable est une composante de la démarche RSE d'entreprise.

 Limitless Monetization

SaaS subscription management software Cn285 makes it possible to monetize low-cost services thanks to its ability to automate both the billing and the life cycle of the contract (payment, renewal, termination, change, etc.).

Let your marketing creativity run wild: Cn285 manages all billing models, even the most complex! 

The Cn285 recurring billing software manages simple contracts as well as the most complex multi-plane subscription contracts (simple billing, usage-based billing or consumption-based billing, and event-based billing!

A recurring billing solution is a system that automates the process of billing customers on a recurring basis. It allows businesses to set up and manage recurring billing cycles, issue invoices and collect payments from customers. It is used for subscription-based services, membership fees and other recurring payments. The solution helps businesses streamline their billing processes and reduce the manual effort involved in billing customers. It also provides insights into customer payment trends to help businesses make more informed decisions about their finances. 

Scalable Solution

From a few monthly invoices to several hundred thousand, Cn285 is able to accompany you and perhaps even surprise you with its processing capabilities.

ERP et Payment Ready

Your Cn285 subscription management and recurring billing platform can be connected to an ERP (Netsuite, Odoo, ...) and manage different payment solutions and methods (Stripe, Mollie Stancer, Paypal, SEPA...).


Fast deployment (24h à 140h)

It only takes a few hours to set up the different billing models for your subscription contracts and generate your first invoices. 

More than a subscription billing software, Cn285 is a fast implementation service.

Save time both in implementing your online invoicing and in automating the generation of your invoices at regular intervals.

Flexible pricing

The Cn285 Service and License Fee has been designed to support our customers at every stage of their development.   Startups Offers allow to start without cost, with a rate that adapts to the evolution of the turnover.
  Enterprise Offer adapts to complex billing models by charging by invoice line rather than by invoice amount.Our hybrid license allows Cn285 to be integrated as a depreciable asset .

Revenue Recognition (REVREC) 

Cn285 generates Revenue Recognition entries, otherwise known as "REVREC".Depending on the architecture chosen, Cn285 can synchronize detailed or aggregated entries along different axes with an ERPCn285 allows a complete auditability of the entries.


Découvrez la plateforme de gestion de contrats à tarifs variables Cn285, à travers des cas concrets.

Discover for example, how manages with Cn285, the subscriptions to its online services,

Copernicium 285

The name Cn285 refers to the element Copernicium, named after the astronomer Nicolas COPERNIC, author of the "Copernican Revolution", the theory that the earth revolves around the sun every year.

It is the 112th element in the periodic table of elements also known as the Mendeleiev Table.

Cn285 is the most stable isotope of Copernicium.

Your billing revolution: Cn285 the "Digital Product Enabler

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