A scalable billing solution, independent of ERP and payment solutions, guaranteeing scalability and pricing freedom

Decoupling of billing

The pricing of your offers with Cn285 and your operational system are independent of changes in the management and payment systems.

Cn285 accompanies companies throughout their evolution:

  1. In stand alone, Cn285 connected to a payment system can generate invoices to an accountant (Startup testing their product market fit)

  2. With the commercial launch, Cn285 can connect to management systems such as Pennylane which allows to manage accounting and finances (Startup Early Stage)

  3. With the strong growth phase, Cn285 makes it possible to switch to an ERP such as Sage or Odoo without impacting the price offer

  4. In the internationalization phase, some scale-ups switch to NetSuite - change ERP with Cn285 connectors

  5. Finally, at any time Cn285 allows you to change/add new payment methods.

With Cn285, you will no longer have to modify your production system due to changes in :

  • management

  • billing

  • Regulation

  • ...