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Monetize your service and subscription contracts with the SaaS recurring billing solution Cn285

Cn285's objective is to enable its clients to transform services into profitable businesses.This involves addressing 2 issues:

  1. Invoice any services or benefits

  2. Automate all customer interactions to reduce the cost of operations

Invoice every services

We do not charge in the same way for the provision of an API, a mail service or an asset management tool.

Cn285 is one of the solutions capable of managing all types of service contracts thanks to its advanced subscription management and multi-item or multi-plan subscription features.

Cn285, the subscription management solution with fixed and variable billing models

Multi-plans contracts

A Cn285 contract can have different lines (in Cn285 we speak of Contract Items) which have distinct characteristics in terms of billing and recurrence such as :

  • Setup fees,

  • fixed subscription

  • a variable cost based on data consumption or events (requires the variable billing module).

Cn285 manages multi-plans subscriptions


Cn285 also handles the case of customers who are "distributors" or "resellers".

Cn285 can handle the case of a company selling an online service to partners who distribute the service to users (who are the End Customers).

Variable billing triggered by usage and consumption

Cn285 allows you to bill usage or consumption data based on different models. There are different billing models in Cn285 allowing to process and value operational data. 

In order to limit the customer's outstanding debts and the recovery risks, Cn285 allows them to be invoiced (and collected) as soon as they are delivered.

This makes it possible, for example, to invoice and collect support or expertise services as soon as they are provided.

Users and customers

In general, the User of a service is also the Customer. But Cn285 makes it possible to distinguish between the two; the User consumes the service and the Customer is billed and pays for the service. 

In Cn285, a Contract can therefore be used to manage the subscriptions of several users and to invoice them to the same client. This makes it possible to manage contracts with a company that pays for services for different establishments or subsidiaries.

Monetization of services

Sometimes variable data to be invoiced are related to professional services

For example, the Cn285 Service Contract includes a "per minute" Support Service which is invoiced monthly. At the end of each month during which a Client has used this service, Cn285 adds a line to the invoice and details of the time spent in the consumption statement.

Periodic billing

Independently of the items invoiced, Cn285 allows you to choose for each "Contract Item":

  • a billing period

  • an alignment on particular periods with the rules for prorating the first and last periods,

  • a billing date in relation to the period,

  • an Income Support rule and a period of service to manage ad hoc Income Support.

Cn285 automates the entire customer process

Beyond billing, the monetization strategy of an offer implies automating the entire sales administration and subscription management process.  Selling a service for a few euros a month makes no sense if managing cancellations, refunds, updating payment methods and customer details monopolizes full-time operators!

This is why Cn285's objective is to automate the entire sales process as much as possible in order to reduce operational costs.


Our API Rest allows you to set up real Contracts with optional signature management which may or may not involve an online electronic signature service.

Cn285 allows you to manage all the documents that make up a contract to ensure complete and instantaneous traceability.

All contract and document creation/management is fully accessible via the API.

Subscription Termination

Termination is often a costly contract management operation in terms of customer interaction.

Cn285 manages a communication and renewal process in accordance with the Loi Chatel.

Termination is managed through Contract Change.

Depending on the nature of the Contracts, the API makes available to customers the earliest termination date and the amount to be refunded (in the case of Fixed Items paid at the beginning of the period).

Credit Note

Cn285 facilitates management by allowing the automatic generation of credit notes in different ways:

  • Credit memo on invoice

  • Credit memo generated on a % of the total invoice amount

  • Credit memo generated on one or more invoice lines

  • Credit memo generated on a % of one or more invoice lines

Automated Contract Modifications

All contract changes are managed through a "Contract Change" system that ensures complete traceability and restores a detailed history to the User.

Contract Changes are managed to date, which makes it possible to plan rate changes, for example. Contract Changes are fully accessible via the API for complete automation of your ADV processes.

Contract Change is fully accessible via the API for complete automation of your sales processes.

Cn285 allows you to pause and resume Contracts.

Detailed invoicing

An important part of the interaction with customers is the detail of the invoices. Cn285 allows a detailed statement to be generated at the same time as the invoice which can be sent to the customer too. 

Cn285 can generate and attach statements in several formats:

  • .pdf

  • .xlsx format

Cn285 allows the content of the detailed statement to be adapted for each type of contract.

Updating of means of payment

Updating expired payment methods is a challenge for companies with large amount of customers. When the API of the payment providers allows it, Cn285 offers an automated workflow for updating payment methods.

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