Cn285 helps COOs and operations managers control costs, service quality and deadlines during the scale phase


Customer process automation


Traceability of operations guarantees auditability

Scaling capability

A platform designed for scaling up

Growth while preserving costs, quality and service times.

The COO, or operations manager, must work to improve the operational efficiency of the company, identifying processes that slow down operations and proposing solutions to improve them.

This is typically the case for the processes of managing subscription contracts. The recurring billing process can be easily automated with the triggering of a recurring invoice.

But a recurring fee contract also means many operations and customer interactions to manage:

  • price change

  • contract modifications (addition/removal of options, upsell downsell,...)

  • change in billing frequency or date

  • pause of the contract, reactivation

  • change in ownership

  • Discount but especially credit notes and refunds

By automating all of these tasks, Cn285 allows operations to scale without becoming a business bottleneck.

By making modification operations reliable and traceable, Cn285 allows for auditability and simplifies the management of disputes or complaints.

As the platform is designed to scale, it will support the operations in the growth of the volumes by ensuring the maintenance of the QUALITY of the COSTS and the DEADLINES.

The ally of the operations managers of growth companies, 
who make their marketing happy without making CTOs and CEOs scream