Offre Scale-Up


 of amounts billed* with a minimum of 399€ / month

  • Fonctionnalités facturation récurrente fixe 
    et variable standard
    (Sommes, min, max, ..., )
  • Calendrier de facturation standard 
  • Odoo connector
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Option :
    Customer portal and signature
  • Option : Niveau de détail personnalisé
    des factures et avoirs

Offre Enterprise


  • Features
    Scale-UP Offer
  • Advanced billing calendar
  • Advanced variable billing(Counters, complex models,...)
  • Personalized invoices and credit notes
  • Customer portal and signature
  • IOT and Event management
  • NetSuite additional connector
  • Paiement Enterprise
  • Downloading bank entries
  • Large Contracts

* Billed amounts: includes amounts billed with Cn285 in the period. Credit notes whose occurrence is random are not deducted in any form.

Billing solution and payment solution

The Cn285 solution allows you to manage the life cycle of your subscription contracts as well as the fixed or variable billing component of service periods.

To manage payments, Cn285 offers different solutions depending on the payment method chosen. For electronic payments, Cn285 offers different integration solutions on the market. 

We have made a cost estimate of the different solution choices.

Sur demande


The standard offer includes 3 environments: staging, spark and production whose characteristics are described below Click here

The standard technical infrastructure is included in the package. It can give rise to additional pricing according to the requirements and technical specificities of the Customers (dedicated/specific infrastructure, real-time replication for BI, ...)

Process of a Cn285 project

Through our documentation and our e-laarning platform, we want our customers to be autonomous as soon as possible.
However, beyond the hours of consulting offered, it is possible to be accompanied by a Cn285 consultant (from 18ducks or a partner) in the integration phase.