Discover different modes of variable billing with Cn285 through our use-cases

UseCase Muppy

Use-Case : is a multi-cloud infrastructure management solution with recurring and variable pricing based on the maximum gigabits recorded per server over a reference period.

Contracts are mainly monthly with tacit renewal.

The Use Case illustrates the automation capacity of Cn285: sends aggregated consumption data to Cn285. Cn285 processes and values them and ultimately sends invoices automatically to customers.

Facturation IOT

Use-Case : Connected Objects (IOT)

We deployed Cn285 at a medtech client whose service is based on connected medical devices. 

The "Connected Objects (IOT)" Use Case illustrates the management of a fleet of connected objects with its creation in the park, its activation as well as that of the associated service, the management of life cycle events

The "Connected Objects (IOT)" Use Case illustrates the automation capacity of Cn285, on large volumes of data and the ability to aggregate this data in billing and provide the finest detail in a detailed invoice and extraction (.csv or .xls) as needed.


Use-Case : Credit Memo

The generation of credit memo and repayment often represents significant and often hidden costs.

Cn285 allows you to quickly view all the elements invoiced for all contracts of the same customer and identify the re-credits to be carried out.

Cn285 can generate a credit note on all or part of an invoice line, on all or part of the lines of an invoice, on all or part of the invoices of a contract, on all or part of the contracts of the same customer.