Use Case Connected Objects (IOT)

The UseCase IOT illustrates how Cn285 handles:

  • The life cycle of connected objects of all types (IOT, device, device, sensors, ...) and related events

  • billing for services based on these objects whether they are billed in the form of a fixed or variable subscription.

Creation of connected objects

Connected objects are created via the API interface. The status allows you to manage the possibility of manual creation Draft automatically it will be Pending.

The park/fleet of connected objects can thus be initialized in Cn285

According to the UseCase, it is possible that:

  • The client is known when the object was created (the client received his device before activation, for example).

  • The contract is also known (example: company contract or particular contract) but not the subscription.

  • the item (plan or subscription) is also known, in this case it is possible to switch directly to the activation of the object

Activation of the object

According to the UseCase related to the assignment of the contract, therefore the customer and the ContractIem (plan or subscription), the "activation" event will take place through a new API call.

This operation via API call, materializes as a manual by opening the object activation wizard.

This activation will create a new Contract item in the "IOT Fleet Contract" contract on a Contract Item "Premium Fleet Subscription" and linked to the IOT_NS542 connected object. 

The activation event will be stored in the Event tab of the activated object.

Creation of a Contract item

The object is associated in the fleet contract for a period of 12 months in an item contract called IOT_NS542.

Detail of the contract item with generation of automatically generated invoicing schedules.

Valorization of data Usage Consumption or Event

Since the subscription is based on usage, the valuation of monthly periods (here at 0) will depend on the usage data or events entered on the contract.

Example: the system receives usage data on 14/04 for a value of 12

The change of the billing engine to the end of April processes this value according to the rule defined in the Usage Data Calculator and assigns it to the April Invoicing Schedule which will be charged to the INV/2022/04/0001 invoice

Grouping of invoice lines

Les objects connectés impliquent en général d'importantes notions de volume, que ce soit dans la quantité d'objets en parc ou leurs données de consommation ou les évènements de cycle de vie qui sont associés.

Also Cn285 makes it possible to group invoice lines during billing so that an invoice does not contain thousands of lines and is not humanly exploitable.

However, the detail is available through an extraction (csv, Excel,...)