Empower your billing with Cn285

Cn285 SaaS Solution specializes in high-volume management and invoicing of fixed-rate or variable-rate Pay As You Go contracts for scale-ups and service companies.

With Cn285, turn invoicing into a business lever, whatever your ERP.


Monetize your services with no limits

Make high-volume, low-value business possible


Automate and make reliable

 large volumes of data, invoices and contracts


Free up your offers and your pricing 

Pay-per-use billing
Create differentiated offers


Unlock your billing management system

Decouple billing from management and payment solutions


They bill with Cn285

Cn285 for Scale-ups

Découvrez comment Cn285 aide les scale-ups dans leur passage à l'échelle

Cn285 for Enterprises

Learn how Cn285 enables bid complexity and contract management automation

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  For Services based on Connected objects

Finance /CFO

Discover how Cn285 automates and makes reliable billing and revenue recognition.

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Discover how Cn285 supports the scale of your IS without impacting your management system

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Discover how Cn285 enables you to create new and differentiated offerings

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Executive Functions 

Discover how Cn285 allows you to create or change business models

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Manage all your contracts
(signature, invoice, payment by credit card)
From your launch with the Cn285 Seed offer
and Stancer's fees: 0.7% of the turnover + 0.07€ per transaction for payments
or 1.4% + 0.25€ per transaction with Stripe.

The advantages of the subscription management software Cn285

 Limitless Monetization

SaaS subscription management software Cn285 makes it possible to monetize low-cost services thanks to its ability to automate both the billing and the life cycle of the contract (payment, renewal, termination, change, etc.).

Scalable Solution

From a few monthly invoices to several hundred thousand invoices to generate 

ERP et Payment Ready

Your Cn285 subscription management and recurring billing platform can be connected to an ERP (Netsuite, Odoo, ...) and manage different payment solutions and methods (Stripe, Mollie Stancer, Paypal, SEPA...).


Déploiement dédié 

Les délais de déploiement dépendent des différents modèles de facturation de vos contrats d'abonnements et de souscription et générer vos premières factures. 

Flexible pricing

Designed to support clients at all stages of their development.

Revenue Recognition (REVREC) 

Cn285 generates Income Recognition entries (RevRec)


Discover the Cn285 variable rate contract management platform through concrete cases.

Discover for example, how oursbl.eu manages with Cn285, the subscriptions to its online services, muppy.io.

Copernicium 285

The name Cn285 refers to the element Copernicium, named after the astronomer Nicolas COPERNIC, author of the "Copernican Revolution", the theory that the earth revolves around the sun every year.

It is the 112th element of the periodic table of elements (Mendeleiev's Table).Cn285 is the most stable isotope of Copernicium.

The revolution in your billing

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