Billing @ scale avec Cn285
the solution for automating the management of BtoB & BtoC variable or fixed contracts at scale

The objectives of the Cn285 contract and subscription management platform for companies with large-scale needs

Automate the management at scale of of packaged offers

Cn285 is able to package multi-plan contracts with fixed and variable pricing for automated subscription as well as manage their life cycle (renewal, termination, price change, assets,...)

Large volumes of invoices calculated, edited, accounted

As standard Cn285 can generate a volume of tens of thousands of invoices per day

Provide a scalable architecture 
(queues, workers & API)

Thanks to its REST API, its queue and workers system, Kafka messaging, Cn285's technical architecture is able to process large volumes of consumption data, and support

Cn285: From managing simple offers to high-volume standardized offers

  1. Creation of subscription products with specific characteristics: fixed or variable pricing, monthly period, billing at the beginning or end of the month, tacit renewal, with or without commitment, ....

  2. Product Combination (multi-plan contract) with or without option

  3. Creation of contract templates (Contract Template)

  4. Products are marketed in the form of packaged offers to customers.

  5. Billing models involve the processing and use of large volumes of data from operational systems

Contract lifecycle: Sales automation

  1. Every month, the Cn185 solution will launch the various automated processes to:

    1. Process and valorize consumption data

    2. Generate invoice items and invoices according to the billing frequencies and periodicities of contracts

    3. Automatically send invoices to the customer with possibly the details of the underlying consumption

    4. Generate accounting entries including recognition of income

    5. Track the payment of the invoice

    6. Manage refunds of all or part of invoice lines

  2. Depending on the periodicity, Cn285 automatically manages:

    1. Alert before renewal or termination,

    2. Notification of renewal or termination

    3. Contract modification request (rate, quantity, break, UpSell, DownSell, price list change, billing date, ...)

    "The generation of refunds and credits must not become a bottleneck"

Architecture, API and queue

Thanks to its REST API, Kafka queue and message system, Cn285 is able to process and value large volumes of data in order to generate invoices for its customers.

Tens of thousands of invoices to generate in a few days

The standard configuration of Cn285 is designed to generate, edit, send and count tens of thousands of invoices per day with:

  • Multi-product invoices

  • The details of consumption

With Cn285, your SaaS subscription billing software, process and leverage large volumes of operational data.

High-volume, automated, controlled, reliable billing with traceability guaranteed and optimized costs

We propose the Cn285 for Startups offers and their evolving prices