Cn285 and the financial function


La maitrise de votre poste client

Billing Manager

Une facturaiton automatisée et fiabilisée

Director or Accounting Manager

Gestion de la reconnaissance de revenu

Automatisation de traitements

Reduce billing costs by automating operations

Fiabilisation de la facturation

Reliable billing even with large volumes

Revenue Recognition

Automatic generation of RevRec entries in compliance with IFRS standards

Revaluation of contracts

Management of contract upgrades (Coef. Syntec)

The challenges of the billing manager

The billing manager's objectives are to:

  • Ensure the reliability and quality of invoices issued to the company's customers.
  • Ensure that payment deadlines are met and that the company's cash flow is well managed.
  • Optimize the billing process by ensuring compliance with current regulations.
  • Ensure effective communication with customers to respond to their requests and resolve any billing issues.

The challenges for the billing manager are multiple:

  • Guarantee accurate and regular billing to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Avoid billing errors that can lead to disputes and late payments.
  • Ensure billing compliance with applicable regulations to avoid financial penalties and legal risks.
  • Ensure efficient management of the company's cash flow by optimizing payment deadlines and avoiding unpaid bills.

In summary, the billing manager plays a key role in the financial management of the company by ensuring reliable, compliant and efficient billing.

With these automation features, Cn285 makes high-volume invoicing, which is generally a source of error, more reliable.When the due date arrives, the Cn285 engine triggers the generation and sending of the invoice to the customer and initiates payment.With the synchronization of bank entries, the follow-up of invoices can be assured in Cn285.

The billing manager then focuses only on value-added tasks: follow-up of unpaid invoices.

Cn285 also facilitates the management of credits and refunds.

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