Cn285 for Enterprises
Variable recurring billing SaaS solution

Cn285, a solution to control billing complexity

The complete suite of Cn285 features to meet all management and billing automation needs

Cn285 Enterprise offer allows : 

  • Leverage the highly customizable nature of Cn285 contracts with iterations on quotes

  • Leveraging the electronic signature process

  • Connecting Cn285 to an ERP

Cn285 is designed to manage multiple dedicated contracts with complex pricing structures. Cn285 provides automation, reliability and auditability of ADV operations.

Exemple ci-contre : UseCase contrat de location de véhicule sans engagement 

Optimisation of complex operations

Cn285 enables and optimises billing operations, including multi-contract billing, by centralising consumption data and automating valuation operations

Reliability of the customer process

The design and structure of the solution makes all recovery operations reliable 

Traceability of management operations

You need to justify your RevRec entries
Cn285 offers you a complete traceability on your operations allowing a total auditability

Management of multi-plans contract (multi-products)

Cn285 manages multi-items/products contracts, with different invoicing methods and periods (periodicity, pre- and post-payment, etc.), all grouped on a single invoice

Cn285 allows you to create customer contracts in which it is possible to associate different items with different recurrence characteristics in the same contract

"One shot" Billing / Billed once

Although not characteristic of recurrent billing, the ability to bill once for a product is important, particularly to meet the need for set-up costs

Usage-based billing, consumption-based billing

Cn285 periodically invoices a calculated amount based on simple usage data (min, max, sum, quantity based, volume pricing,...) or aggregated data (complex formulas).

Step-in-step billing where the unit price depends on quantity (Stairstep pricing)
Pay-per-use Billing

Invoice in instalments, such as income taxes (Tiered Pricing)

The Cn285 usage based billing platform offers various variable billing models as standard

Billing triggered by consumption

Cn285 creates an invoice as soon as a consistent set of usage data is available.

Frequency of billing

Cn285 allows you to define management periodicities in the month, quarter, semester, year.

Fixed price subscription billing

Historical model of the notion of subscription, Cn285 manages different recurrence renewal periods at a fixed price

Even a fixed price subscription can become complex: 

  • Subscription from date to date

  • Subscription based on the calendar month

  • First and last period proration rules

Billing triggered by level/amount of consumption

Cn285 creates an invoice as soon as the quantity of all usage data or the equivalent amount reaches a certain level.

 With this billing method, it is possible to charge a fixed amount over variable periods.

Billing for past time

Cn285 allows you to charge offers on the basis of a duration of use (per minute, hour, day,...).

Various Billing methods

Cn285 allows you to choose to invoice at the beginning of the period, at the end of the period, from date to date, or in the calendar period by making proportionally relating to the amounts of incomplete periods (beginning or end of the subscription period).

Management of customer interactions and contract changes: Renewal, termination, UpSell, CrossSell,...

  • Management of cascades of items: A quantity of consumption delivered results in billing (e.g. quantity per fixed price or according to a rate per tranche) and triggers a cascade of associated, fixed (e.g. package) or variable (e.g. royalty) billings.

  • Management of discount periods (Start / Stop)

  • Gestion des périodes de Management of free periods

  • Management of the pause and reactivation of the subscription

  • Management of termination requests, associated deadlines with notification of reminders and effective termination

  • Managing changes to the contract structure:

    • UpSell / DownSell

    • Change of service period,

    • Change of billing period

    • Transfer a subscription from one contract to another

    • Change of contract holder

    • Price list change

              • Management of the tacit renewal of contracts, with customer alert on the deadline to warn of an automatic non-renewal and alert on renewed activation

              • VAT management

              Customer interactions associated with contract management must be automated to maintain the profitability of the service sold. Cn285 takes the burden of planning and managing these operations off your shoulders, with a significant impact on reducing associated costs.

              The ability to connect to ERP systems

              ERP synchronization  

              • Netsuite Connector

              • Odoo connector

              • Synchronization of Items from ERP to Cn285

              • Bidirectional synchronization of Clients between ERP and Cn285

              • Synchronization of Invoices with their payment status or Export from Sales Journal

              • Export des OD de REVREC

              Integration / Interfacing

              • A REST API allowing access to all Cn285 transactions and objects

              • CSV import engine allowing mass integration.Import file formats and "recovery" processes are available for all objects required for data recovery. 

              For customers looking for a complex billing solution

              We provide the Cn285 Enterprise SaaS offer