Cn285, an advanced technical platform

The Cn285 SaaS Billing Platform is multi-cloud, secure, scalable and high availability.

Controlled integration risks

  • The solution is invoiced when it is put into production

  • Ultra-limited risk: the integration load is ultra-limited

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All Cn285 objects are available in API.

An independent and scalable solution


A scalable 

A mastered infrastructure

Manage the transition to variable pricing in 4 API calls

Recurring business involves connecting the operational system to billing. With Cn285 set up a customer contract and retrieve an invoice in 4 API calls

  • A customer
  • A contract
  • Management of the payment token
  • Retrieve the invoice


An independent and scalable solution

Cn285 accompanies the evolution of your structure from its launch phase to its internationalization phase.

A billing solution that is independent of your ERP and payment solutions is a guarantee of evolution.


A Scalable Platform

A multi-cloud platform capable of real-time scaling to manage the billing processing load.

A single database per customer (single tenant), backed up with real-time replication and high availability hosted in two clouds of the customer's choice.

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A mastered infrastructure

The Cn285 platform is continuously monitored and the clusters are replicated with high availability.