Evolution of the digitalized services market: towards pay-per-use pricing

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Forecasts anticipate a strong and sustainable increase in digitalized services due to various trends

Subscription Economy

The subscription economy is a strong trend because it offers stabilization and predictability of revenues. It is a long-term approach to customer relations, providing better customer knowledge. Recurring Billing with Cn285


Ne vendez plus simplement un produit, mais un "package" englobant un produit et un service associé. 
Ex.: Velov / Velib :  Achat de temps de vélo disponible

Move to Cloud

Migrate your on-premise applications to a cloud environment. With this change of infrastructure, gain agility, security, scalability and optimize your costs


Turn service usage into revenue, especially for low cost, high volume servicesExample: monetizing APIs

With this increase in digital services comes a need for rate variability

Why switch to variable pricing?

Limit Subscription Fatigue

Limit friction on additional contracts due to customer saturation with flat rate subscriptions

Remove the disincentives to subscription
Reduce attrition (Churn)

Need for differentiation

Pay-per-use or pay-per-use billing, for differentiated service offers according to customer needs and segments

Unleashing the creativity of marketing

The most accurate consumption

To avoid the maximization effect induced by the flat rate mode and address the environmental criterion

Moving towards sustainable models

Is variable pricing the answer to the growing phenomenon of subscription sharing?

Pay as You : Go, Drive, Use, Grow,...

In 2020, 41% of software will base its pricing on the number of users, 39% on usage or transaction and 12% on company size (with 9% "other").The study (4) highlights the strong growth of usage-based pricing, which will probably quickly surpass the per-user pricing that was the norm until now.

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