Recurring billing with Cn285

Cn285 is a complete recurring billing solution for startups and companies that need to monetize fixed or variable pricing service offers.

With your SaaS Recurring Billing Cn285 also open up the market for servicing and pay as you go

Customer interactions automation

The underwriting business involves an increase in interactions related to the life cycle of the contract:Signature, Modification (Up & Down Sell, quantity price,...), Renewal, Termination,...Without automation, the processing of these interactions makes any recurring business costly and does not allow scaling up.

Automation of invoices

Cn285 is able to completely automate your billing cycles to do without human intervention

Beyond the invoice Cn285 sends invoices and detailed statements in different formats (.pdf .xlsx, made available via API)

If the periods of service exceed one month, Cn285 manages the recognition of income in compliance with IFRS standards (recognition of EAF and PCA).


Cn285 is a multi-currency, multi-country solution that accompanies you in your international development.

Recurring Billing

Cn285 allows you to:

  • charge a fixed fee every month

  • Invoice a sum of variable amounts: pay-per-use billing, consumer billing, event billing every month, quarter, year or day, hours, minutes...

  • Invoice variable items as soon as they are consumed: invoicing on trigger

  • Charge a mix of the 3 previous models

  • Charge an initial commissioning fee (one shot)


Cn285 is able to operate on stand alone by providing information to an accountant or different ERP via our connectors (Odoo, QuickBooks, Netsuite, Sage,...)

Cn285 is a SaaS solution operated in French data centers

Each customer has its own dedicated database

Secure multi-cloud hosting technology with data base replication capability at customer request (for BI)

Quick implementation

Cn285 is a solution with an ultra fast implementation time, for an optimized time to market for startups.

For whom?

Cn285 is intended for startups whose scaling up involves large volumes of data to be managed via automation.

Cn285 is intended for companies that manage complex tarification.