The Cn285 SaaS billing platform, multi-cloud, secure and scalable

The technical architecture of Cn285 is based on a system of asynchronous "tails" and "workers" whose number can be easily adjusted.

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Standard infrastructure: a multi-cloud, high availability, secure solution

Several work environnement

  • High Availability Production (2 environments
    at 2 different providers)

  • Staging (1 environment with the possibility of having some
    others on request)

  • Development (option*)

  • Restoring the production database in the staging environment on demand

Continuous deployment of new versions (including database and server updates)


  • Continuous (per minute) backup of the database cluster

  • Daily backup of databases

  • Backups storage in  AWS S3 (encrypted) buckets replicated in 3 availability zones

Database with real-time replication in at least 2 environments

BI database replicated in real time (option*)

Scalable solution

Automatic reconfiguration of environments according to the evolution of the billing load: scalable solution

Monitoring and optimization


  • Securing client instances by restricting IP addresses 

  • Systematic application of security updates

Digital sovereignty: all Cn285 elements are deployed at French or European providers (not subject to the patriot act)

Tools and integration

Base single Tenant : une base de données unique par client

Non-multi-tenant: Each customer has its own database that is duplicated and backed up. In the event of termination, undertakes to return to the last customer back-up of its base. 


The development language including for the creation of "Data Calculator Uses" is the python.

Inouk Data Importer

An advanced import tool, specially developed by

Inouk Data Importer allows you to import data from csv files into Cn285.

The Inouk tool has the ability to define relational links between the different imported data.

It is possible to import from the same file, contracts and the different lines that compose them.

Synchronization tools

Cn285 uses an XSync synchronization tool. It allows you to configure the connection of Cn285 to the different remote systems that can be referential on clients, products,... In this case, the remote systems are called Master System.

Intégration ERP

Cn285 dispose d'intégration aves les ERP :

  • ERP : NetSuite,  Odoo,

  • Paiement : Stripe, Stancer

  • Chart/BI : Chartmogul, ChurnHero

  • Collectes des écritures bancaires : Ponto, Bridge 

D'autres sont en cours de développement comme Sage, Pennylane, QuickBooks


A synchronous and asynchronous REST API is available for data exchange.