Subscription management software Cn285, the "Digital Product Enabler" supports startups at all stages of their development 

Cn285 is a scalable solution, designed to support startups at all stages of their development:

  • Start your business with Cn285, a payment solution and your accountant,

  • Add a management solution to Cn285 and increase your invoice volume

  • Connecter un ERP et passez à l'échelle, puis à l'international (extensibilité, multi-pays, multi-devises), changez d'ERP, de prestataire de paiement facilement grâce à Cn285

    Quel que soit votre niveau de développement, Cn285 vous permet de rester indépendant d'un ERP ou d'un prestataire de paiement.

Development phase

Cn285 phase Seed

Commercial launch phase

Cn285 phase Early

Phase of growth

Cn285 phase Scale

Cn285 en phase de Seed

In the design phase or in the realization of your BusinessPan, create and develop new service businesses:

  • Does fully automating billing and contract management minimize or even collapse break-even points allow you to :

    • Lower the ROI threshold of your offering? 

    • Create new services or business model?

  • Which billing program? Which billing model?

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Business Plan
Early Stage

Cn285 Early, launch your business

In the launch phase, solutions must be practical and provide a quick and easy answer to questions:

  • How do I manage my quotes and recurring contracts?

  • How to manage taxes? 

  • How to make a recurring invoice?

  • How to send an automatic invoice?

  • How to manage cancellations and renewals?

  • How to manage customer reminders?

  • How to manage credit notes and refunds easily?

  • How to manage payments and their follow-up?

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Cn285 Scale-Up

The Growth offer is specifically designed to manage business development phases with evolutionary needs:

  • How to implement variable pricing?

  • How to bill by usage, billing by consumption?

  • How to bill for time-based services?

  • How to manage and value object-based events?

  • How to manage thousands of invoices ?

  • How to manage invoices with several thousand lines?

  • How to account for sales and customer commitments in compliance with accounting standards? 

  • How to switch to multi-country billing?

Discover how Cn285 Growth accompanies you in this phase by proposing an adapted tariff and an optimized management process of your contracts and their invoicing.

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Offre Growth

Cn285 supports startups throughout their development cycle.

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