Growth offer
Variable pricing and scaling

The billing solution for "Pay as You Go" mode

Variable billing

Open up the world of variabilization

Usage Data Calculator

Valorisation des données de consommation selon vos règles

Gestion de la croissance des volumes

Cn285 vous accompagne dans la croissance de votre activité et des volumes de clients et données associés.

Income recognition

Accounting for customer commitments

The challenges of choosing a billing solution during the growth phase

Respond to marketing needs for the evolution of offers

In order to distinguish oneself from the competition or to follow the distribution trends, the need to go beyond fixed pricing is materializing.

Pricing is then based on operational data:

  • Usage data,

  • Consumption data

The valuation of these data can be limited to the realization of a sum of the consumption data but can also be the object of more complex calculations.

Managing volume growth

The transition to variable invoicing also implies the ability to process and use large volumes of operational data while guaranteeing the reliability of processes and their traceability.

The Cn285 solution meets this need

Cn285 is capable of handling all billing models, even the most creative ones: SmartCodes (macros written in Python) allow you to configure and customize the processing related to data valuation.

The technical architecture of Cn285 allows for the scaling of volume processing and invoice generation.

Growth offer modules to switch to variable 'Pay As You Go' billing

Contract life cycle and fixed billing

All the features to manage and invoice recurring contracts

Variable billing 

  L'évolution des offres vers la variabilisation avec la facturation à l'usage ou sur la base des relevés ou données de consommation .

Usage Data Calculator Personnalisés

Revenue Recognition

La réponse au besoin de gestion comptable de la reconnaissance de revenu qui apparait après le premier exercice


Gestion des contacts clients ds activités et du tunnel de vente

Electronic payment 

 Management of recurring and automated electronic payments

Signature (option)

Manage the online signature of of quotes, contracts and amendments

A variable rate subscription management solution
   (Contract management, recurring billing and payment, automatic)

From €399/month + 2% of turnover + €0.25 per transaction 

for billing with Cn285 and Stripe Payements

The functionalities of the modules of the Growth offer

Contract management and fixed billing with Cn285 Core

  • Management of multi-product contracts (and subscriptions) with different recurrence characteristics

  • Management of contract templates to facilitate the creation of complex contracts

  • Advanced management of contract modifications (scheduling of modifications, traceability, notion of amendment)

  • Credit management and refunds

Fixed recurring billing

  • Fixed billing plan based on all types of periodicity

  • Date to date management

  • Proratization management

  • Management of activation / termination conditions

  • Discount Managemenet

  • Pricelist Management


  • Gestion des Lead et prospects

  • Gestion des contacts et de l'activité

  • Tunnel de vente

Business Intelligence 

  • A first level of analysis is possible on the Invoice, Invoice details and Invoicing schedules views. It allows to generate standard indicators (CA, MRR, ARR, Churn,...)

  • Standard indicators are available: M&ARR, LTV, CLTV, Churn,...

  • As an option, customers can have a real-time, read-only replica of their database available to connect to the BI solution of their choice.

Variable billing  

  • Architecture scalable conçue pour transformer des millions  de données de consommation en éléments de facturation

  • Generation of invoices and consumption statements that can be grouped according to several criteria 

  • The evolution of billing to Pay As You Go: 

    • Management of variable rate contracts

    • Management of usage/consumption data 

    The service mode allows the billing to be triggered when the service is performed (e.g. call billed by the minute) or when a threshold is reached.ppel facturé à la minute) ou à l'atteinte d'un seuil.

    • Management of the contract with invoicing on triggering, on event, or on crossing of threshold

Revenue Recognition

  • Generation of the Sales Journal

  • Generation of REVREC DOs

  • Generation of synthesis logs

  • Rapports (réservation, facturation, recettes, recettes différées, stock de RevRec,...)

Electronic payment

  • Payments (multiple Payment Providers supported)

  • Pre or post payment at initialization

  • virement SEPA

Signature (Option)

  • Signature management (optional activation) for all contract creations and modifications (endorsements)