Le Use-case Cn285 avec la solution de S.A.S. is a multi-cloud infrastructure management solution that offers several services based on recurring and variable pricing.

A daily statement allows to calculate the number of gigabits used by the servers of customers.
The pricing is based on the maximum amount of gigabits read by service and server in the period, here in monthly. services usage data are regularly reported to Cn285 thanks to Cn285 integration features. Cn285 then calculates the maximum number of GB used on the servers for each of the services.
The maximum amount that has been identified by Cn285 gives rise to the calculation of the usage fee through the service's pricing grid.
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Fro example for :
  • from 0 to 128Gb : T1 €

  • from 128Gb to 256Gb : T2 €

  • from 256Gb to 512Gb : T3 €

So for a customer with a maximum monthly reading of 150Gb for a tariff of 128*T1€ + 22*T2€ = x€ for 150Gb.

Services of solution Core

The Core module offers all the basic features needed to manage and administer a :

  • Security management through UFW

  • SSH Keys management

  • Jobs/tasks management

  • "systemd" services management

  • Notifications management (Slack) PostgreSQL

This module provides features to manage and administer PostgreSQL databases:

  • Base: Backups / Restore in and from compatible cloud storage (AwS S3 or, backup retention management, database copies between clusters, scheduling backup, restore, copy, cluster upgrade (PostgreSQL version upgrade)

  • Replication: RCS (Replication Cluster Set), RCS management operations (Switch over, auto or semi-auto failover, adding and deleting cluster members, ...), monitoring of the replication and cluster status.

  • High availability: Automatic promotion of a Stand-by server to a Prime server (with consensus management), Customizable promotion trigger, Customizable promotion process via tasks

  • Continuous backup: Point in Time Recovery (PITR), incremental backup and restoration of a version over time LxC

Application management as Linux containers (LxC)

Cn285 for

The implementation of Cn285 billing for was completed in 24 hou

The implementation of Cn285 billing for was completed in 24 hours.

Creation of products

Creation of the contract associated with the client and the contract items corresponding to the 3 services:

  • Contract item Core

  • Contract item PostgreSQL

  • Contract item LxC

Configuration of automatic emailing of invoices and invoice details 

Create the necessary business fields (Data usage) to calculate the elements to be invoiced and add them to the forms and the usage table:

Mettre en place une API pour alimenter ces champs lors du relevé quotidien. Exemple d'un relevé de données pour un serveur :

Creation and configuration of the "Usage data Calculator", in this case with a specific version "Inline Python Code" allowing to parse all the usage data received from, to identify the data to be selected and to value them based on the scale. 

Automatic calculation and sending of invoices by email