Offre Startup Early Stage
The Automatic Subscription billing starter

Automation of the subscription to your offers

Online subscription and signature in the Cn285 portal

Automated contract management

Automatic management of renewals, terminations and contract modifications

Automated billing

Generation and sending invoices by email in automatic

Recurring payments

Recurring payment transactions whose initialization is controlled by Cn285

The challenges of choosing a billing system

The need for a cost-effective and rapidly deployable solution 

You are launching your service activity. You are looking for a quick solution of subscription billing to invoice and collect your customers. This solution must be economical. An electronic payment provider for recurring payments on a credit card and a manual invoice may be sufficient, but not sustainable.

At the time of commercial launch, the choice of a billing tool is therefore far from being perceived as a strategic issue for a startup.

Why Cn285 is the right choice

Cn285 meets your primary need: to invoice and collect at a cost adapted to this phase of the development of startups. 

Beyond that, Cn285 offers serenity regarding future needs. With its complete modular offer, Cn285 is a scalable and sustainable solution that can accompany your startup over time. Some subjects such as income recognition do not speak to you yet. By choosing Cn285, you will be able to activate revenue recognition as well as many other subscription business management features.

Cn285, your first invoices in a few hours.

The necessary and sufficient modules to launch your subscription-based business

Cn285 Core : Subscription management and fixed billing

All the functionalities to manage and invoice recurring fixed-rate contracts

Custom Invoicing Date Scheduler


Management of customer contact activities and the sales tunnel

Variable billing

Management and billing of usage and consumption data on standard models

Electronic payment

Generate automatic recurring payments with the main payment card / SEPA solutions

    Find out how Cn285 allows you to manage all your subscriptions

   (Signature and management of the contract, recurring billing and payment, in automatic)

Form 2.15% of revenue  + 0.25€ per transaction    

for billing with Cn285 and Stripe payments

The functionalities of the modules of the Early offer

Contract management

  • Management of multi-product contracts (and subscriptions) with different recurrence characteristics

  • Management of standard or advanced billing schedules

  • Contract Template management to facilitate the creation of complex contracts

  • Advanced management of contract modifications (scheduling of modifications, traceability, notion of amendment)

  • Credit management and refunds

Fixed recurring billing

  • Fixed billing plan based on all types of periodicity

  • Date to date management

  • Management of the proratization

  • Management of activation/termination conditions

  • Discount management

  • Price list management

Business Intelligence 

  • A first level of analysis is possible on the Invoice, Invoice details and Invoicing schedules views. It allows to generate standard indicators (CA, MRR, ARR, Churn,...)

  • Standard indicators are available: M&ARR, LTV, CLTV, Churn,...

  • As an option, customers can have a real-time, read-only replica of their database available to connect to the BI solution of their choice.


  • Lead and prospect management

  • Contact and activity management

  • Sales tunnel

Electronic payment

  • Carsd Payment

  • Pre or post payment at initialization

  • SEPA

Variable Billing / Usage Triggered Billing

Evolution of billing to Pay As You Go: 

  • Management of variable rate contracts

  • Management of usage/consumption data 

The service mode or usage triggering, allows you to launch the billing when the service is performed (e.g. call billed by the minute) or when a threshold is reached:

  • Management of the contract with invoicing on triggering, on event, or on crossing of threshold

electronic Signature

  • Management of contract signatures and all their modifications (amendments)